What is the loan with Property of warranty?

Meet the loan with property and find out why this may be the best option for your funding
Credit options in the Brazilian scenario of today are many, and those seeking finance (whatever it is) just if faced with a series of questions about the best way to spread your desire. Lost amid the many alternatives that are defined as the most appropriate, the consumer has a right just not searching enough and choosing the option with greater interest; leaving aside the opportunity to carry out a loan with property of warranty – a relatively new and extremely advantageous in the market.

The condition

That makes a loan with guarantee of property is, as already describes the term itself, owning a property to offer as collateral of credit – and, with it, get larger funding deadlines and interest considerably lower; not to mention the availability of larger volumes, which allows the client to the financing of their wildest dreams.

With interest rates from 1.00% per month, the loan that has a property as collateral can offer an amount of up to 50% of the value of the right in question, and offers cheaper than more traditional lines (with rates around 3.5%) or special check, with rates that pass the 10% a month – Yes with the guarantee of a property, the Bank is able to reduce by as much as seven times the rates charged by traditional personal lines of credit.

Besides paying considerably lower interest, who chooses this type of real estate refinancing also wins the opportunity to pay the loan by up to 20 years. The loan guarantee property highlights the advantage of not being necessary to dispose of your equity to acquire a new well or even conduct an investment in your business, so that the consumer can get the credit you need and still in possession of your property.

Reform real estate can be easier by borrowing

Learn which type of loan can make reform your property easier
The Act to reform real estate is something present in the lives of many people, seeking improvements in the daily life and the quality of life through changes that might generate more comfort and practicality in the structure of a home. But this kind of reform usually has a pretty price salty, and not always who you want to make changes has a ’ nest egg ’ to cover the expenses that such improvement requires.

For this, however, the various modalities of loan end up being sought by consumers wishing to renovate buildings – but this process must be analyzed carefully manner; Since committing to a loan can mean a real shot in the foot for those who want to acquire credit without performing a detailed planning.

These days, however, the consumer who has (or is already in the process of acquiring) a property has an option to choose: the loan with collateral of property – which does not require it to be proven the loan purpose, also has a number of other advantages that can both help the customer save money how to carry out their wishes that require funds quickly and practice.

By having a well as collateral

This mode greatly facilitates the obtaining credit with the banks – which can offer interest rates considerably lower than those traditionally by the market. With that, not only the client can spend less as, also, more peaceful; considering that the payment of this type of loan can be done within a period of up to 20 years.

Along with the advantages mentioned above, the loan with property of warranty also enables a greater amount of funding is required-the amount of the claim can be equal to 50% of the market value of the property offered as collateral.

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