The survey of establishments and the Forex Market

The construction of the Forex market strategy is based on two main variables: technical and fundamental analysis. Technical analyses different currency fluctuations over time (through graphics), while the fundamental aspect focuses on macro-economic data and political news. These macroeconomic data are available in the most of the system platforms of trading Forex online, and usually without cost extra. One of these pieces of information is the survey of establishments, which is a significant part of the labor situation report, or the labor report.

Definition of the establishment survey

The survey of establishments measuring different variables of employment by encuestionar approximately 400,000 companies, with a total of 47 million people across the country. The survey is carried out once a month (the 12th of every month), and the results are published the first Friday of each month. These are the main sections of the survey of establishments:

Non-agricultural jobs

This figure reflects the number of employees paid in the country except the following employees:

  • The employees of the farm (hence comes the name of non-agricultural employment)
  • Independent contractors working outside a private residence
    State employees
  • Employees of non-profit organizations

While the rate of non-agricultural employees exclude a considerable part of the population, it is critically important since it is extremely timely and a large number of participants, survey is what makes him able to keep the pulse of the general employment situation in the country.

Average hourly earnings

This part of the survey of establishments represents the average wage per hour during a given month. This information is important because it can measure monthly changes in income of the individual and their purchasing power, which can have a strong impact on the general State of the economy. Increase or decrease in the index of average hourly earnings can also be matched against the monthly inflation rate to see if wages are kept with inflationary pressures.

Average work week

While it may seem an insignificant economic indicator, the average workweek index can have a real impact on the economy. If the average workweek is changed in one-tenth of one percent, then this change can become measurable losses or gains in overall economic productivity and personal income figures.

Total hours of work

This figure is the sum of all hours worked per month for all non-farm payroll employees (full-time partial or full time). It is an important indicator that reflects the overall health of the economy.

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