How to choose the beneficiary of my life insurance

Unlike what most people think, are not only the legal heirs (wife, children and relatives) that can be the beneficiaries of a life insurance policy, we can assign a third party, who inclusive nor are our relatives, just that we make this choice lawfully and us indicate our insurance carrier. This all works exactly as we determine the predetermined document.

Who can be nominated?

Anyone can be named as beneficiary of a life insurance policy, be it a family member or not, the important thing is that the will of the assured and that it is properly documented.
How many people can I say?
There is no limit to the statement, being assured the bearer of decisions relating to beneficiaries, you can refer as many people see fit.

The nominees should receive equal shares of the amount of insurance?

No, at the time of indication the insured can divide the values ​​of the prize as it sees more convenient, the amount of people and the way that the values ​​will be distributed among these people is totally at the discretion of the insured. This is guaranteed by law, once presented the will of the insured, this document is to definitively determine the division of the premium.

There are dangers of hiring a life insurance?

Yes there is. Like everything involving money hiring a life insurance can also pose a danger even of life for the insured. Depending on the policy of value, and as we see in movies and even in real cases around the world, it may happen this contract arouse less noble interests in some people. Especially if the person in question knows that is one of the beneficiaries of the policy of life insurance. Life insurance experts say the best way to make a life insurance policy, since people benefit from it will be further sought by the insurer, it is to remain secret that this policy exists. And especially if the prize value is a high value. It is strongly indicated that the insured keep this secret and no more than tell a very close person, still the safest way is to not tell anyone.

What should be the main goal of my life insurance policy?

People may have various reasons to make a policy, and can decide who will be the beneficiary or if there will be many, however, in most cases always the premium tends to be directed to the nuclear family, and if you have a family and cares her future, if you have children and you want to give a secure future as the basic guarantee of their livelihood or the completion of a college, paying off debts or any other reason that may in the future benefit from this household, so your main goal should be this, to guarantee a better future for their loved ones.

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